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We hold weekly Bible studies on the University of Pennsylvania's campus.

Undergraduate students of all years and backgrounds participate in our Bible studies.

Our Bible studies are led by recently graduated Penn alumni who now intern with Tenth Presbyterian Church. 



Mondays @ 8pm in Harrison



Mondays @ 8pm in Harnwell 1403


Sebastian Van Oudenallen

Meet our wonderful half-Colombian friend Sebastian! He loves running, soccer, reading, and sleep (we lovingly call him Grandpa - ask him about his early bedtime). He ran track, majored in Political Science, and graduated from Penn in 2015.

Becky Lynn Weber

Meet our southern belle from Texas - Becky Lynn! She's got the biggest heart and is always ready for an adventure. She graduated from Penn in 2017 with her degree in nursing, and is now a nurse at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Brigida Altamirano

Meet Brigida! She just graduated from Penn. She's awesome. Kind and caring, Brigida is so excited to start the year encouraging Penn students on campus. She majored in Biological Basis of Behavior (BBB), and is currently in an accelerated nursing program at Villanova.

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