18 Jun 2018

Bring your friends, blanket and picnic basket for a great time watching viewer's choice movies by the river. All movies start at dusk (approximately 8:30 pm on June 21).


5 Jun 2018

Beach Trip! On Saturday June 9th, TCF is heading down to Ocean City where we can walk down the boardwalk, hang out on the beach, swim, throw the football, etc. 

We'll be leaving Tenth at 9AM, and be returning later in the afternoon. We'll probably stop and get breakfast at Chick-fil-a, and eat at Ocean City. Let us know if you will be coming so that we can plan for enough seats.

22 May 2018

This Saturday, we'll be heading down to Spruce Street Harbor to hang around and enjoy the sun. Hammocking, rollerblading, walking down the boardwalk and many more fun activities will be available right alongside the Delaware river front. 

Meet by the submarine around 12PM. Text me (Sebastian) at 414-731-2699 if you have trouble finding us. 

P.S. For any soccer fans, we'll also have the option to catch some of the Champions league finals match around 3PM if there is enough interest to do that.

19 Apr 2018

Maranatha believes they can take on the college fellowship in dodgeball. Let's prove them wrong. Friday, April 27th in Fellowship Hall at 7PM, come and invite your friends to take on the middle and high schoolers in the first annual maranatha - tcf dodgeball event. 

Remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. See ya there!

Where: Tenth, Fellowship Hall (2nd floor above delancey entrance)
When: 7PM
Why: To humble the members of maranatha

11 Apr 2018

Don’t let the title deceive you, because this Friday April 13th for Beyond the Bubble, we’re going to the movies to watch an intense thriller/drama film. With a 96% rating on rotten tomatoes and an 8.2/10 review on IMDb, “A Quiet Place,” will be featuring at the Rave Cinema at 40th and Walnut at 8PM. Join us and invite a friend!

27 Mar 2018

Easter is approaching, so for Beyond the Bubble on Friday March, 30th, we’ll be getting Chick-fil-a at Liberty Place around 6:15PM and then we’ll be heading over to the Good Friday Choral Concert at Tenth, which will end at 9:30. Invite your friends!

Penn students - 
Meet at 34th and Walnut at 5:50PM, and walk down to Chick-fil-a at Liberty Place. 

Drexel students - meet at the VUE32 building at Tim’s place.

Please bring enough money for food.
Choral concert is free.

13 Mar 2018

We’re upping the ante this Friday (3/16) with a Poker night at Gavin’s place. There will be plenty of friends, cards, and pizza. Beginners are welcomed, but poker faces are required.

For Drexel Students: Meet outside North Hall at 7:45pm.

For Penn Students: Meet at the compass at 7:45 pm. 

Contact Tim or Sebastian with any questions

13 Feb 2018

The world is changed
I feel it in the water
I feel it in the earth

I smell it in the air

Much that once was is lost
For few now are still students who remember it

It began with the creation of the Great Events
Three students banded together to form a small group, wisest of all students 

Seven students came up with social events
Great planners and organizers of the student halls 
Nine more started a large group on Drexel’s campus, for within these events was found the strength and will to make it through the school year
But they were all of them deceived 
For another event was made

In the land of Philly
On the street of Powelton
Leif Malm planned in secret a Last
Event to eclipse all others 
And into this event he poured his athleticism, his intelligence, and his will to eat anything that was placed in front of him 
One Man Night to rule them all

But soon, Leif, inspiration and planner of man night, was graduated

The Event planning passed on to Timothy 
Who had his chance to bring back Man N...

6 Feb 2018

Now that the football season is over and the Eagles triumphant, Penn Students for Christ will be heading to see the 76ers for Beyond the Bubble this Friday February 9th. Invite and bring a friend! Game time is at 7:00PM. Let us know in advance that you are coming if you can so that we can buy at a group discount rate. 


Cost: $15

Travel: Meet on 34th and Walnut at 6:20PM and we’ll be walking over to take SEPTA down to Wells Fargo stadium.

For more info check out http://fb.me/PennStudentsForChrist

or follow us on instagram @PennStudentsForChrist

31 Jan 2018

Join us for this year's Winter Retreat from Friday, February 2nd to Sunday, February 4th. We'll be staying in the Poconos Mountains for two nights where you'll be able to relax, receive encouragement, hang out, study, or have some time for yourself. Invite a friend! We'll also have opportunities to go sledding, dip in the jacuzzi, play pool, some competitive games (nerf gun wars maybe??), and any other ideas (or pranks).

Details: RSVP on facebook or fill out the link below to let us know that you will be coming: goo.gl/SvU74D

Cost: $35 (scholarships are available). Feel free to venmo "Sebastian Van Oudenallen" or "Tim Merkel," or you can give cash as well to either of the interns or Gavin.

Pick up time is approx. 5:30PM on Friday February 2nd at either of the following location options:

1) Penn's campus at Chipotle on 38th and Walnut
2) Drexel's campus: Chick-fil-a 
3) Tenth - call Sebastian at 414-731-2699 to let him know ahead of time.

We'll be driving back for Big Church around...

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