PSC Winter Retreat! - 2/2-2/4

Join us for this year's Winter Retreat from Friday, February 2nd to Sunday, February 4th. We'll be staying in the Poconos Mountains for two nights where you'll be able to relax, receive encouragement, hang out, study, or have some time for yourself. Invite a friend! We'll also have opportunities to go sledding, dip in the jacuzzi, play pool, some competitive games (nerf gun wars maybe??), and any other ideas (or pranks). Details: RSVP on facebook or fill out the link below to let us know that you will be coming: Cost: $35 (scholarships are available). Feel free to venmo "Sebastian Van Oudenallen" or "Tim Merkel," or you can give cash as well to either of the interns or Gavin. Pick up time is approx. 5:30PM on Friday February 2nd at either of the following location options: 1) Penn's campus at Chipotle on 38th and Walnut 2) Drexel's campus: Chick-fil-a 3) Tenth - call Sebastian at 414-731-2699 to let him know ahead of time. We'll be driving back for Big Church around 10:45AM on Sunday, February 4th.

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