Man Night! - 2/16

The world is changed I feel it in the water I feel it in the earth

I smell it in the air

Much that once was is lost For few now are still students who remember it

It began with the creation of the Great Events Three students banded together to form a small group, wisest of all students

Seven students came up with social events Great planners and organizers of the student halls Nine more started a large group on Drexel’s campus, for within these events was found the strength and will to make it through the school year But they were all of them deceived For another event was made

In the land of Philly On the street of Powelton Leif Malm planned in secret a Last Event to eclipse all others And into this event he poured his athleticism, his intelligence, and his will to eat anything that was placed in front of him One Man Night to rule them all

But soon, Leif, inspiration and planner of man night, was graduated

The Event planning passed on to Timothy Who had his chance to bring back Man Night once more. But the lives of drexel students are easily overwhelmed And Man Night takes a lot of work

It betrayed Timothy until his graduation And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost

History became legend Legend became myth And for an entire year Man Night passed out of all knowledge

But something happened then that Man Night did not intend It was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable

A tenth intern, Sebastian Van Oudenallen of TCF

For the time will soon come When tenth interns will shape the fortunes of all



Come to Vue32 at 7pm on Friday Feb 16th for the legendary event. There will be a challenge of the mind, challenge of the body, and challenge of the stomach. And stay tuned for a surprise guest appearance!

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